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INNATE is Eastern India based group of architects, designers, urbanists, landscape professionals, interior and product designers. The office is currently involved in a large number of projects throughout INDIA. INNATE'S architecture emerges out of a careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes. We at Innate , believe that the work of a designer is really at the intersection of commerce and culture..
Design does not exist in isolation; it is a reflection of the larger society. As society changes, so should design. The best designs iterate their designs rapidly to keep pace with society's demands. Incorporating humanist values & restoring nature within the built environment, integrating & innovating best design and construction technique is their aim & identity.
We believe that in order to deal with today's challenges, architecture can profitably move into a field that has been largely unexplored Like a form of systematic programmes, we create architecture by mixing conventional ingredients such as living, leisure, working, parking and shopping. With more than FORTY MILLION sq. ft of space to be built within the next few years, the variety includes Residential, Commercial & Shopping Malls, Institutional, Resort & Hotels, Logistic Hub, Industrial structures, Film studios and many more.
From the timid and humble beginnings, way back in 2005, through the ever competitive journey, transformation is what INNATE has gone through. Headed by Ar Anirban Bhaduri and Ar Sanjay Mandal ,young though it may be, INNATE has a continuous and deep presence in major architectural scenarios in various spheres of the country.
Having worked with the biggest stake holders, developers, institutions in some of the most inspiring and diverse architectural projects, INNATE has been gaining invaluable experience and knowledge, transforming itself into a flexible yet focused, playful yet strict, young yet experienced organization, ever since.

SYBARITE STUDIO, the Interior design division , is an Endeavour to pamper, create and satisfy the need of articulate and magical interiors. The primary objective of the team is to furnish one point eloquent, utopian , yet affordable & pragmatic solution to a diverse range of Interior project.The focus is to combine a creative imagination with a functional logic accompanied by competent management according due importance to the value of time. Ably led by Ar Shantanu . A . Bhowmick , the team has gained enormous accolades in their seven years of endeavour. The team consists of professionals who are experts in the spheres of Interior and Product design, Project management and design execution of interior projects

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